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 Lewis's GM Application

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PostSubject: Lewis's GM Application   Lewis's GM Application EmptyWed Sep 30, 2009 9:55 am

1. What is your real name ?
My real name is Lewis.

2. How old are you ?
I am 14 years old. 15 in Jaunuary

3. Which time zone are you in? ( Ex., EST / PST )
GMT + 0

4. What's your account and main character name? What position are you applying for?
My main character name is Lewis, I don't mind what position I am applying for, I am not fussy. A rank is a rank, it is something I have earned. I have been on and off on Lewis, so some of you may have seen me, some have not. I have been really Ill.

5. When did you start playing wow? (everyone says vanilla beta--be honest) And when did you come to South-WoW?
I have been playing retail wow for about 2 years now. I came to South-WoW about 2 weeks ago. I just not have had the chance to make an account on the forum and apply.

6. How many hours a day you can play ?
Well, as I am 14. I go to school, but on weekends I can play from 12:00 PM untill 10-12:00 PM at night. In total about 11 hours on a weekend, on a weekday. I can play for about 4-6 hours. 4:00PM till 10:00 PM

7. How many hours a week (aprox) you can contribute to GM duty ?
In a week I can probally be on about 20+ hours or more.

8. Have you ever been a GM on any other Private servers?
Yes I have been a GM on many private servers.

8a. If so: names, positions, reasons for leaving, references.
World of Dalaran, I will not say my name due to it is one of their rules and I shall not break it. I do not play on this server anymore, I have played on Xplicit WoW. In total around 7-9 months GM experiance, I have been a GM on little servers and helpted develop on their server. I am a very fast learner.

9. Do you have a good knowledge of GM commands?
I have alot of knowledge about the GM commands, 1 thing I do not do is Abuse, I was an admin on a server I had access to GM logs, recruiting staff etc and the amount of 'noobs' that abused the commands were just unreal. Their applications were fine, It's just a stupid time they done it.

10. Can you extract a RAR file and install an add-on?
Yes I can, everyone did not know at one point. But for anyone who don't know, I am happy to teach

11. Are you willing to use Ventrilo to communicate with players and GM's if the need arises?
Ventrilo is a MUST for me, I really do like to communicate to other players and GMs. I don't like to be hidden.

12. Do you have a problem with authority?
No I do not.

13. What qualities do you possess that can be beneficial to our server?
I think I am a very helpful person, I don't like to be bored, I like to help out anyone that needs it, I don't like to see people waiting for 4 hours just to have their ticket replyed to. I think I am one of these people who are fast and helpful.

14. Imagine you are GM, and a player asks you to teach him his/her class missing skills, do you teach it? Explain.
Depends on what the rules are. What I would do as the question tells me, I would say no. If it's a missing spell, then its a missing spell. I will report this to the owner or developers. But if someone else has the spell and they don't I would tell them to re-create the character as it can be bugged. I would NEVER give out and items/skills/money to any player.

15. How many times have you voted for us?
None so far, but I am willing to if you wish Smile

16. What is the most important part of being a GM?
Answering tickets, I love to help people. If there were no helpers then people will be stuck in life. Also I have started to learn LUA scripting. So if you guys need any help, I can help you there Smile

17. What do you enjoy most about WOW?
I enjoy some PvP and some PvE. I am more of a mixed. I know some tacts from bosses and some I may not have known. I sometimes come on my own private server (on my computer) start fighting the boss, then on retail I know the tacts of what he will do.

18. ESSAY QUESTION (pick one)
1: Someone reports a hacker through a whisper. He says " BOB'S HACKING BAN HIM! ". What do you do? Explain.
If the player was mad, the first thing I would do is to tell them to calm down and that this problem can be sorted, I would also ask for proof, by taking screenshots and putting them in the 'Report Hackers' form. If any more questions that would be asked. I would go to the player and test myself, I would not ban a player without any proof.

Thank you for reading my application.


If any questions - Please ask!
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Lewis's GM Application
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