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South WoW is a Mainly PvP Server with Non-Overpowered Donor Gear and Friendly/Helpful GMs
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 Staff Member Rules

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PostSubject: Staff Member Rules   Staff Member Rules EmptyTue Sep 01, 2009 6:02 pm

These are the GM Rules, All GM's MUST Abide by these rules, This list is not all inclusive, so make sure you Know you can do it before you do, You are responsible for your actions and the actions of anyone who may "use" your account

1. GM's Are not allowed to give players any gold/items/spells/skills, not including those unobtainable and needed for quest completion.

2. Donation Items are for Donators Only, NOT GM's, If you would like donation gear, on a GM character it is OK, on a alt or w/e it is not allowed. then donate, you will be warned once before deletion of your character and then gm status if it continues.

3. Running players through raids/instances is strictly Prohibited, if this happens all items gained from the run will be removed from the player and you will be suspended until further notice

4. GM's Must not abuse their powers, abuse includes but is not limited to, .killing Players/NPC's/Staff,
adding items to gain an advantage in game play

5. All GM's must show respect to the players, as they show respect to you, when answering tickets you should be polite/kind and helpful, use good spelling and grammar,and trying to answer each question effectively

6. YOU MUST! Have your GM Tag (.gm on) on at ALL Times when online - NO EXCEPTIONS

7. You can only have 1 GM character, NO Alts on the gm account, you may have a non gm account, but you may not get anything from a GM, you must use it as a normal player account, so you do not have an unfair advantage

8. Do NOT Question the rules, they are in place for a reason, so do it.

9. GM's Must NOT! spawn any Object/NPC anywhere without consent from an admin, you are here to GM not Dev - If i see this your GM status will be taken away from you

10. Being a GM is a big responsibility not a "status" mark, you need to work hard and show respect it is not a "bonus" do not treat it like a free ride - again serious consequences

11. If you disrespect an Admin there will be consequences, so DON'T do it!

12. You must have MSN or give me you cell number.

13. Anytime you have a extra GM character on your account for whatever the reason he MUST be in the guild. (Admins are excluded from this rule, but it is recommended for them to be in the guild) You don't need an invite just select yourself, then type '.guild join South WoW Staff' any alt GM chars must be labeled in your note as to who you are.

Breaking the Rules will not be tolerated, so therefore when you break a rule your GM account will be locked and suspended until i speak to you and determine what happened, there is no reason to give anyone any Items, Blizzard quests are not needed as we have our own leveling method, However, the Head GM is the only Person allowed to give out an item to a player for the following reasons - for RP purposes the stats are not high and they use it for the looks But you must first check with Umadd, Snackie, Ryan, Loopy or Batman. king

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Staff Member Rules
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